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18 December 2008 @ 11:31 am
Pennies from heaven  
I swear to god, I saw a kid who was the spitting image of Shaant Hacikyan on the bus the other day. I desperately need glasses because I thought this other guy looked like Max Bemis. Until he got closer D:

I fucked up my schedule D: D: D: I hope I had off yesterday and not today/Fri. They would have called an been like, 'bitch, where are you!?', right? RIGHT!? I'm so nervous. they give me enough shit about things outside of my power as it is. I don't need this against me, especially since I'm still on n00b probation. I'm so scared, guys. I need this job until I get my alcohol awareness card and find a cocktail waitressing job.

My room is half-clean. I found a lot of change. I'm listening to Folie a Deux while I'm doing it. My bathroom is clean :)

My tattoo needs a touch up because I thought, "well, maybe A&D isn't all that bad. I mean, he did tell me to use it." It smothered my tattoo and pulled the ink out :( I'm piiiiissssed.
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