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20 February 2009 @ 03:33 pm
It's funny how you think i care what some douche in Barstow(AKA America's taint) thinks about me. Maybe a week ago I would have but, I'm so over it. I know I'm pretty incredible and I'm in a great place in my life. I'm 10,000 times smarter, wittier more caring, charming, attractive and compassionate than you could ever dream of being. You're tactics don't work on me, I'm sorry to say. My will is just a bit stronger than hers, and I only spoke the truth the entire time. You're the one who came after me, and your girl felt the need to call me TWICE today, plus you clearly have this shit bookmarked. I don't know if you comprehend calendars or time, but that initial entry which caused this waste of my time was from months ago, but you're a stupid meathead so I don't expect you to.

You're both mentally subnormal and therefore meant for eachother. I pity the two of you more than anything. I bet anything that you hit her.

But, your inane ramblings of a mental case certain kept me entertained. As horrible as this sounds, it's always satisfying to see that I could be much, much worse off and much less self-aware.